Puppies and their dream jobs

Did you have your career planned out when you were 2 (weeks) old?

Pula gave birth to four puppies two weeks ago – you’ve probably seen the first round of pics. But I promise, you’ve seen nothing yet! Because these young puppies  all got their career plans set up. Also, they opened their eyes for the first time last weekend. Time for their second shooting! And what do you want to become when you grow up?

[PRODUCTION NOTES / WORD OF ADVICE: Of course I didn’t use any flashes during this shooting. If you are planning to take pictures of your puppies, please keep in mind that their young eyes must not be exposed to the bright light of a flash. I used a semi-transparent white photo tent and set up a couple of neutral, lo-power perma-lights around it. That way combinations such as f-stop 5.6 | shutter speed 1/80 seconds | ISO 800 give you plenty tolerance for your own dog family album.]