The task of a philosophy of photography is to reflect upon this possibility of freedom – and thus its significance – in a world dominated by apparatuses; to reflect upon the way in which, despite everything, it is possible for human beings to give significance to their lives in the face of the chance necessity of death. Such a philosophy is necessary because it is the only form of revolution left open to us.”
Vilém Flusser, Towards a Philosophy of Photography

I entered the universe of technical images at the age of 7 when I got my first camera. During my teenage years I worked for the local newspaper Osttiroler Bote. After graduation, a combination of economic and technological factors kept me from pursuing my passion: with no digital SLRs in sight and the high costs of film processing I joined the ranks of “snap-takers” for a couple of years.

“Both those taking snaps and documentary photographers, however, have not understood ‘information.’ What they produce are camera memories, not information, and the better they do it, the more they prove the victory of the camera over the human being.”
Vilém Flusser, Towards a Philosophy of Photography

10 years ago I levelled up my equipment and have become quite passionate about digital photography. I document the results on this very webpage.

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