Petinos de Azucar – Andalusian Sweets

Petinos de Azucar

The taste of Andalusia – these sweets are typical of the region, and they taste even better than they look.

Ripening Oranges

Ripening Oranges

The Andalusian orange trees bear their delicious fruits in summer, but it takes them a couple of months to fully ripen: harvest-time usually starts shorty after the first freeze in December – and that’s when supermarkets all over Europe are offering those cheap orange-buckets.


Andalusia in HDR

When I visited Andalusia for the first time in October 2009, I was completely awe-struck by the inspiring beauty of the landscape and the intense colors. Jim Morrison captured the region’s spirit in the Doors song “Spanisch Caravan”:

Carry me Caravan take me away
Take me to Portugal, take me to Spain
Andalusia with fields full of grain
I have to see you again and again.

In two weeks I took about 2.000 pictures and started my first HDR experiments – this technique is perfect to capture the high contrasts and brilliant colors of the region.