Tech Natives: Artificial Intelligence / Cognitive Computing

Prof. Dr. Fumiya Iida

Thanks for inviting me – click here for gallery of all speakers.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Weekend

Pula can haz bunny earz!

Self Portrait with Pula

Self Portrait with Pula

Pula, 12 weeks old (no noses were hurt in the making of this photo *g*).

8-week-old Pula Puppy

Pula Puppy

Pula, 8 weeks old and one of her siblings.

Dr. Christoph Leitl

Dr. Christoph Leitl is the president of the Austrian chamber of commerce – more pictures in the gallery.

Double Vision: Laundry and Cabinet

Double Laundry Vision

I took this shot right after I got up from bed – the sun was shining brightly through the window, and even though no birds were tweetings, I fetched my tripod and my SLR before I brushed my teeth.

A house in Vienna

Stachegasse 20

A beautiful house in Vienna’s 12th district, shot at sunset in early November.

Hafen Albern, Vienna

Alberner Hafen, Vienna

Albern is on of Vienna’s Danube harbors, located in the 11th district.



Today we went for a little walk in the Viennese Woods and did an improvised “hair” shooting… more pictures here.

Gibraltar Seaside

Sunset in Gibraltar

I took this picture from the Rock of Gibraltar which overlooks the sea – a pretty crowded sea indeed.

German the Cheesemaker

The cheesemaker

Some years ago, I spent a week at an alpine pasture in Vorarlberg. Farmer German and his family produce excellent cheese in a traditional way. In this picture the cheese-master is taking the fresh loaf to the cellar, where they ripen for a couple of weeks.

Petinos de Azucar – Andalusian Sweets

Petinos de Azucar

The taste of Andalusia – these sweets are typical of the region, and they taste even better than they look.

Wild wild Weeds

Wild wild Weeds

Shot at Ysperklamm, Waldviertel.



The Ysperklamm in Waldviertel is buzzing with life in late spring.

An Augarten Walker

An Augarten Walker

Vienna’s Augarten is enjoyed by the old and the young.

Ripening Oranges

Ripening Oranges

The Andalusian orange trees bear their delicious fruits in summer, but it takes them a couple of months to fully ripen: harvest-time usually starts shorty after the first freeze in December – and that’s when supermarkets all over Europe are offering those cheap orange-buckets.

White Window Woman

Window into White

I shot this picture in Sevilla at high noon – at this time of day the Spanish sun turns the lime-painted houses into glittering buildings that bedazzle the few foreigners ignoring the sacred time of siesta. My camera’s sensor gave up on these extreme lighting conditions, and only by under-exposing the original picture (three full exposure stops), the lady and the window suddenly appeared, reminding me of “magic paper” used by children to communicate secretly.

The main reason why I like this picture so much though is because it proves a point: sometimes, technology works best when failing…


Gibraltar seaside Houses

Gibraltar, even though surrounded by Andalusia and the sea, is a British overseas territory, a tax haven and the top choice for rich Britisch old folks craving to spend their retirement years in warm, comfortable climate zone. The massive Rock of Gibraltar doesn’t leave too much space for housing – that’s why the city bears a strong resemblance with the famous computer game Sim City 2000. If you travel there, greet the monkey and tell them I’ll be back soon!

Alex Zerava at Work

Alexander Zerava

Alex Zerava, chef at Lutz Bar.

Bug on yellow Flower

Bug on yellow Flower

I shot this close-up of a bug on a yellow flower at Ysperklamm, Waldviertel.

Augarten Walls

Augarten Walls

Augarten is one of Vienna’s largest parks – a beautiful historic location, which I happen to live nearby.

Alf Poier Sneak Preview

Alf Poier

Alf Poier is one of Austria’s most famous comedians. His new show will premiere at October 4th at Orpheum Vienna. Yesterday we joined him in Purkersdorf for the sneak preview of “Backstage”. I shot some freestyle-pics from the audience – this way for the complete Alf Poier album.

View from Florido Tower

Located at the “entrance” of Vienna’s 21st district, the Florido tower overlooks the whole city. I took this picture from the top floor terrace.

Alpine Stinging Nettle

“I sting, therefor I’m a nettle,” she said. The younger plants are quite tasty, too.

Merry-go-round at Prater

A beautiful old-school merry-go-round at Prater, Vienna’s famous amusement park.

Truck at Huntington Beach

When Microsoft invited me to join the Build Windows Conference last year, I made a few trips to the beaches of the Bay Area. This beautiful truck was parked just outside Huntington’s fire department, where some kind of celebration was going on.

Deconstruction Site

This dredge was supposed to tear down ye olde mill in a flash – as it turned out though, the crane boom was to small to reach the very top of the building.

Fly Agaric

A beautiful shroom, yet no ugly witch in sight.

A singled-out ant

Artistic Gymnastics Spider

I just so happened to stumble over this spider which, despite its pregnancy, trained hard for the insect fall olympics.

The Thistle and the Wasp

This bee was definitely enjoying its meal and didn’t even move when I almost touched its wings with my frond lens. In other words: nobody got stung during the making of this picture.

Eastern Tyrolean Alps

Sunset in Lienz

I took this picture when I visited my grandparents this summer. While driving up Iselsberg, I realized that the sun painted a beautiful pattern into the evening sky. About 20 seconds after I had set up my tripod and my camera, the special effect ended as suddenly as it had come up.

Alpine Ant

Carline thistle

Wild Balcony Flowers

Wild Balcony Flowers

Wild flowers just won’t grow in a pot – unless you’re my grandmother, whose balcony looks like a miniature version of an alpine meadow.

The Hornet’s Headlight

The headlight of a (aka “my”) Honda Hornet.