Gibraltar Seaside

Sunset in Gibraltar

I took this picture from the Rock of Gibraltar which overlooks the sea – a pretty crowded sea indeed.


Gibraltar seaside Houses

Gibraltar, even though surrounded by Andalusia and the sea, is a British overseas territory, a tax haven and the top choice for rich Britisch old folks craving to spend their retirement years in warm, comfortable climate zone. The massive Rock of Gibraltar doesn’t leave too much space for housing – that’s why the city bears a strong resemblance with the famous computer game Sim City 2000. If you travel there, greet the monkey and tell them I’ll be back soon!


Gibraltar’s Barbary Macaques

About 300 monkeys occupy the upper area of the Rock of Gibraltar. Their population is thriving and thanks to lots of tourists feeding them, they are not shy at all. Sometimes they even pay a visit to Gibraltar city, probably looking to buy new body parts – as these Macaca Sylvanus monkeys are tailless. Even though they sometimes like to steal the occassional bag, open its zipper, search the contents for eadible artifacts and then throw away the rest, Britain needs to keep hosting these little critters.

Wikipedia has more on the matter:

A popular belief holds that as long as Gibraltar Barbary macaques exist on Gibraltar, the territory will remain under British rule. In 1942 (during World War II), after the population dwindled to just a handful of individuals (just seven monkeys), British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill ordered their numbers be replenished immediately from forest fragments in both Morocco and Algeria because of this traditional belief.