Hafen Albern, Vienna

Alberner Hafen, Vienna

Albern is on of Vienna’s Danube harbors, located in the 11th district.

Gibraltar Seaside

Sunset in Gibraltar

I took this picture from the Rock of Gibraltar which overlooks the sea – a pretty crowded sea indeed.

An Augarten Walker

An Augarten Walker

Vienna’s Augarten is enjoyed by the old and the young.


Gibraltar seaside Houses

Gibraltar, even though surrounded by Andalusia and the sea, is a British overseas territory, a tax haven and the top choice for rich Britisch old folks craving to spend their retirement years in warm, comfortable climate zone. The massive Rock of Gibraltar doesn’t leave too much space for housing – that’s why the city bears a strong resemblance with the famous computer game Sim City 2000. If you travel there, greet the monkey and tell them I’ll be back soon!

View from Florido Tower

Located at the “entrance” of Vienna’s 21st district, the Florido tower overlooks the whole city. I took this picture from the top floor terrace.

Eastern Tyrolean Alps

Sunset in Lienz

I took this picture when I visited my grandparents this summer. While driving up Iselsberg, I realized that the sun painted a beautiful pattern into the evening sky. About 20 seconds after I had set up my tripod and my camera, the special effect ended as suddenly as it had come up.